Taiwan-Netherlands Water Dialogue- NbS in Flooding Prevention and Management

10/24 (Tue.) 14:00-17:00


  • Director-General, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs

    Chien-Hsin Lai

    Dr. Lai has been the Director-General of WRA since 2016. Responding to climate change, he accomplished legal works of Reclaimed Water Resources Development Act and Runoff Distribution and Outflow Control policy. He also promotes Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program for water environment to establish industrial sustainability and water resilience in Taiwan.

  • Deputy Representative, NLOT

    Matthijs van der Hoorn

    2022 – Current Netherlands Office Taipei 
    ◆ Deputy Representative and Head of Economic Department 
    2019 – 2022 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director-General for Foreign Economic Relations 
    ◆ • Senior Policy Officer Southeast Asia and Invest International
    2016 – 2018 Triodos Investment Management 
    ◆ Investment manager Southeast Asia
    2011 – 2016 Cornu International 
    ◆ Managing Director
    2009 – 2011 Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands Enterprise Agency 
    ◆ Project Officer Private Sector Investment (PSI) Afghanistan, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority 
    ◆ Project Officer Fund for Economic Development Uruzgan (FEOU)


  • Lead International Water Programmes, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

    Dennis van Peppen

    Dennis van Peppen is lead for international water programmes at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). RVO is the government implementing agency of the Government of the Netherlands for climate,  agricultural and sustainable & digital economy transitions. Working in bilateral water management programmes for many years and with strong links with the Dutch and international water sectors he carries strong experience in international water management and climate adaptation transitions. Dennis believes in the power of water as a lever for positive societal change and strong collaboration between private, public, non-profit and knowledge sectors to achieve this change. He holds a master’s degree in International Relations of the University of Amsterdam.

    The title of speech

    Dutch policy and practice in NBs & governance aspects of implementing NBs

    Short abstract of speech

    Nature-based solutions (NBS) can play a critical role in improving water security, including mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The Netherlands has a long history of using NBS to manage water resources, and these solutions have proven to be effective in reducing flooding, improving water quality, and providing other benefits. Given that the Netherlands is a global leader in the development and use of nature-based solutions (NBS), the policy and practice of NBS in the Netherlands will be shared in the speech.

  • Chief, Planning Section, the 5th River Management Branch, WRA

    Sheng-Hung Huang

    Chief Huang received his MS from the Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University in 2000 and got the qualification of professional hydraulic engineer in 2003. From 2007 to the present day, Chief Huang has been dedicated to public service in Water Resources Agency. In addition to engaging in engineering survey, design, and supervision, he has also taken up the responsibilities in drainage management in the Yunlin and Chiayi regions. He has dedicated over a decade to water-related works and accumulated abundant practical field experiences.

    The title of speech

    Integrated Protection  with NbS for  Waisanding Sandbar

    Short abstract of speech

    This presentation would like to state the current change of Waisanding sand bar, the reason caused beach loss and the integrated protection measures for Waisanding. Where, the protection measures include long groin, short groins and bamboo fences, they located at the southern are of Waisanding and all were constructed by means of NBS rules. In addition, the fifth WRB will shares the experience of Public-Private partnership, that temporary sand trapped facilities were made for mitigating sand bar loss by using waste oyster sheds as main material.

  • Regional manager, Asia, Deltares

    Tjitte Nauta

    Mr. Nauta has a broad experience in the fields of Integrated Water Management, WRM action planning, flood risk management, capacity building and mathematical modelling and monitoring studies. His consultancy experience as expert advisor and project manager at Deltares includes studies on mentioned aspects for freshwater and coastal water systems in numerous countries.

    The title of speech

    NBS to enhance urban resilience

    Short abstract of speech

    Urban water systems are essential to a city's infrastructure, playing a pivotal role in supporting the economy, health, food supply, and natural ecosystems. Clean and readily available water is the backbone of these systems. It's crucial that our infrastructure is designed not only for today's needs but also to meet future challenges. Nature-based solutions (NBS), including green infrastructure, are instrumental in fortifying urban resilience. They offer a myriad of benefits, from flood risk reduction and water quality improvement to biodiversity enhancement and the creation of sustainable urban ecosystems. Moreover, these solutions can serve dual purposes, such as providing recreational spaces that enrich local communities. 

    Deltares is at the forefront of NBS research, spanning various scales. Our studies range from field tests on permeable pavements and bioswales to experiments with mangroves and willow trees for coastal defense, and investigations into storage and retention in river systems. We will present our climate resilient city toolbox.

  • Director BwN III program, EcoShape

    Erik van Eekelen

    Since Erik van Eekelen joined the environmental engineering department of Van Oord, working worldwide on the full range of environmental aspects of their projects, such as Building with Nature, stakeholder engagement, protection of marine fauna and turbidity monitoring and management. For Van Oord he was part of the Management Team (2015-2021) of the BwN II program of the EcoShape-consortium, that develops knowledge on the topic of Building with Nature. In January 2023 the new BwN III program has started at EcoShape for which Erik is part of the 2-headed Management Board as Director BwN III program.

    The title of speech

    Enablers for developing NBS – experiences from EcoShape, Building with Nature

    Short abstract of speech

    Based on the combined climate and biodiversity crises, the interest in Nature-based Solutions (NbS) is rising worldwide and the need for infrastructure development using NbS instead of traditional solutions is generally acknowledged.

    However, still many investments in infrastructure whether for climate adaptation or in general are not developed in a nature-inclusive let alone nature-based approach. EcoShape, a consortium established in the Netherlands in 2007 has developed its Building with Nature (BwN) knowledge programs to address the necessary paradigm shifts to enable the development of NbS. Via a learning-by-doing approach, various pilots have been initiated, developed, designed, constructed, monitored and evaluated in one of the three programs that EcoShape has conducted. Most of lessons learned are capture in the six Enablers for BwN that EcoShape has derived; these six Enablers need to be met to overcome the barriers that are preventive of NbS development. For each of them, EcoShape has advices based on scientific knowledge and practical experiences in the field to help progress NbS.

    During the speech these Enablers will be discussed and the main advices on working with them will be presented using the various in-field cases that EcoShape has conducted.

  • Team Leader, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Ltd.

    Chia-Ning Yang

    Dr. Yang received her PhD in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, University of California, Berkeley, and her MS in the Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo. Dr. Yang specializes in fluvial geomorphology, ecological engineering and environmental planning of water-accessible environments. For more than a decade, she has been working on the multidisciplinary integration of river restoration.

    The title of speech

    Stream restoration as guided by the NbS criteria

    Short abstract of speech

    Although the natural solution is a new slogan that has emerged in recent years, it is based on the long-standing desire of humans and nature to coexist harmoniously.

    The author analyzes the 8 criteria set by IUCN for natural solutions and uses examples to illustrate how these criteria guide river restoration and promote paradigm shift.


  • 14:00~14:10
    Opening Remarks
    Chien-Hsin Lai Director-General, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs Matthijs van der Hoorn Deputy Representative, NLOT
  • 14:10~14:35
    Keynote Speech

    Dutch policy and practice in NBs & governance aspects of implementing NBs

    Dennis van Peppen Lead International Water Programmes, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
  • 14:35~15:00
    Keynote Speech

    Integrated Protection  with NbS for  Waisanding Sandbar

    Sheng-Hung Huang Section Chief, Planning Section, Fifth River Management Branch, WRA
  • 15:00~15:25
    Keynote Speech

    NbS to enhance urban resilience

    Tjitte Nauta Regional manager, Asia, Deltares
  • 15:25~15:40
    Tea break
  • 15:40~16:05
    Keynote Speech

    Enablers for developing Nbs – experiences from EcoShape, Building with Nature

    Erik van Eekelen Director BwN III program, EcoShape
  • 16:05~16:30
    Keynote Speech

    Stream restoration as guided by the NbS criteria

    Chia-Ning Yang Sinotech Engineeing Consultants, LTD.
  • 16:30~17:00
    Panel Discussion
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