「Water for the Future Summit」 -International Forum& Expo 2019

The Water Resource Agency (WRA) held the "Water for the Future Summit & Expo 2019" during September 26 to 28. The Water for the Future Expo has three themes: “Smart Water Management”, “Advanced Water Treatment” and “Water in Our Life”. In the Expo, the water industries in Taiwan will team up and show their total solution for water resource management.

2019 Programme Book


「Water Culture in New Era」 -International Forum 2020

The International Forum 2020 with the title of “Water Culture in New Era” mainly discussed the pathways to reshape our water plans with the strength of culture. Assuredly, more phenomenal cooperation opportunities between governments, enterprises, and research institutes will be established through the sharing and discussions in disciplines of “Culture”, “Environment”, “Industry” and “Cities”.

2020 Programme Book Official video


「Irreplaceable Water Value」 -International Forum 2021

The international forum on "Irreplaceable Water Value" aims to not only echo the theme of "Valuing Water" for United Nations World Water Day in 2021 but also call on all walks of life to cherish water resources and re-recognize that the value of water cannot be simply defined by price and that its importance in industry and life cannot be replaced by any other resources.

2021 Programme Book Official video


「Innovative Strategies for Water Sustainability」 -International Forum 2022

The theme of this year's forum is "Innovative Strategies for Water Sustainability under Green Sustainability". The main purpose is to respond to the risk of future climate shocks, strengthen the stability of water supply, improve the resilience of flood bearing, effectively deal with the impact of floods and droughts, and create a high-quality and beautiful water life.

2022 Programme Book Official video
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